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It was Tagore who was responsible for making Indian Literature and art earn its international repute

Poems, writings, plays, articles, addresses, speeches-each of the works that Tagore had scripted are the priceless assets of literature genre. It's the classical appeal that stands and triumphs over the time challenge, and surely Tagore literatures center this classical approach of literature works. Even in the era of modern ages, the appeals of his works hasn’t lost its importance, and all the flavors of life are still perceived through Tagore works Your visit to www.rightbooks.in introduces the works from him that had changed the lookout to the Indian literatures forever. Literatures from Tagore have touched all the colors of life, and it’s your opportunity to have all these works right at your bookshelves. Its almost an unending literature genre that Tagore had scripted throughout his life, and on the eve of 150th birth anniversary of the great poet, its an honor for RightBooks.in to bring all the eminent works from this man of literature. Its Tagore songs that has been amazed the music lovers all across the world since years, and the full collection of Gitanjali will let your love loose for touching lyrics and compositions. Novels, poems, plays are the literature genres where Tagore had contributed all his elegance and excellence, and works like Gora, Reminiscences, Collected Stories, Red Oleanders, Post Office, The Gardener, Collected Poems and Plays, Stray Birds, Sadhana, Lover’s Gift and Crossing, Broken Nest, Sacrifice, Collected Stories and many more are the collections that will result in value addition to your quality book collections. Know his ideology and philosophy through the works like Reminiscences, Glimpses of Bengal, Lectures and Addresses, Nationalism etc. RightBooks.in enable you to avail these rich classical and vintage stuffs at lucrative discount rate, and secured payment accompanied by timely delivery are the advantages that we enjoy over others. It’s RightBooks.in to meet your desire for these time winning works from Tagore, and a trip to www.rightbooks.in/Items.asp?cid=1&fc=Rabindranath Tagore&pt=5 does the trick for you.

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