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“Only Time Will Tell” by Jeffry Archer is the classical description of a person, who, despite all the odds and miseries, is determined to find the truth of his life

It’s your all time favorite author, Jeffry Archer, the man who can create wonders through words, is now all at your mouse click distance at www.rightbooks.in with his international bestseller “Only Time Will Tell”. RightBooks.in has always housed quality works from the noted personalities in literature field, and this time around, you can have the bestseller classical epic work from your most favored author here. Mr. Archer has shown his signature style in smooth sailing of the story line, and “Only Time Will Tell” is the journey of a person in search of his true identity and roots. The story revolves around Harry Cliffton, who, since childhood, has known that his father was killed in World War1. World War1 and 2 changed the lives for many people forever, and for Harry, there was a different twist in the tale. The World War 1 ends after having created enough rampages, and made Harry face the harsh truth of his life, that his father was not killed in war, and more shockingly, he is not the son of the person he had known as father. A child who lost almost everything in the backdrop of war, in on coarse to restructure his life, and suddenly this harsh reality makes his lightening struck from the blue. Now Harry must discover the truth behind the death behind his father’s death, and more importantly, who his father actually is. World War 2 follows soon, and now Harry has to decide whether to fight the mighty Nazis, or to peruse education. Its not just the story about alone, this novel tells how the lives of common people got changed after the war. Just like the pervious works like “ A Twist in Tale”, “The Fourth Estate”, or “The Path of Glory”, here “Only Time will Tell” is another feather to the crownl of Mr. Archer, and RightBooks.in brings this classical tale to you at an attractive 38% discount rate. You can have this Pan Macmillan publication work at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780330535670 in all the modern payment facilities like the internet banking, MO, DD, credit and debit card, or in cash payment on delivery as well, in the safe and secured manner.

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