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Amitav Ghosh has earned quiet a repute for his researched works on historical facts and fictions

If you are a fan of History related books and fiction works, there is good news that RightBooks.in has brought for you. Since we started operating, we tried to go as vast as possible, so as to reach you varieties of books on numerous topics. History and fiction are the genres we are working on, and who better than Amitav Ghosh to stud this genre with his noted best selling works. It's a separate catalog at www.rightbooks.in that RightBooks.in maintains for you, and this catalog host all the noted best-selling works by Amitav Ghosh. Although Ghosh has more of his repute as the writer on Historical facts and events, he has shown his expertise in the science fiction genre as well, and his science thriller called The Calcutta Chromosome is a perfect example of that. While considering his works on Historical facts, without considering In An Antique Land your browsing is incomplete. In this novel, Ghosh illustrates the backdrop of the Egypt where the crusaders are on the verge of capturing then ancient country. Or the work titled The Glass Palace, perhaps his most noted work on historical facts, where he illustrates the invasion of the British army into the Burma territory. Moving from these history based works, Ghosh contributed his vision towards the recent most events as well. Dancing in Cambodia and other essays is one such example, which is a collection of essays on the factual observations like Tsunami and its impact, the 9/11 carnage, his views on the Burmese society in the 90s and the historic tour by a European troupe to Cambodia. Countdown is another work you can consider in this regard, and this book covers the backdrop of nuclear weapon testing by India and Pakistan in the year 1998. Works like The Hungry Tide, The Imam and The Indians, and of course his trilogy on opium war, The Seas of Poppies, which earned Amitav Ghosh his maiden Sahitya Academy Purashkar, the highest prize on literature in India, are the works that features in www.rightbooks.in you hardly can miss. All these books at www.rightbooks.in/Product_search.asp?cid=1&fc=2&fsr=Amitav+Ghosh&pt=2 are available at discounted prices, just rush for it.

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