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“Decision Points” brings George W. Bush in blood and flesh

You have seen that man while declaring “The War against Terrorism”. You perhaps know that he is one of the most criticized politicians of the recent times, and despite all his criticisms, he never deviated from his principle, no matter whether right or wrong. This time around, none other than George W. Bush himself has penned all his clarifications regarding the most talked and criticized policies. “Decision Points” illustrates all the backgrounds behind every decision taken during the Bush presidential time. The most significant incident when Bush was president, we all know, is the twin tower rampage on 9/11, and that date changed the history of Afghanistan and Iraq forever. As a policy of “War against Terrorism”, Bush declared war against the Talibans and the Saddam Hussein autoerotisms straightaway, and despite facing objections from all parts of the world, Bush stayed firm on his decision on going into the war. In “Decision Points”, Bush explains the urgency of that decision, and you can even get the idea of the pressure cooker ambience inside the famous “Situation Room” while making that tough decision. Bush also clarifies his stand while making the defense policy to protect the US citizens from further terrorist attack, and this policy was harshly criticized as well, because religion biasing was the prominent feature of this policy. Or you can even consider the HIV/AIDS awareness program conducted by the US in Africa, and “Decision Points” explains the validity and the credibility of that program as well. Besides these socio-political points of view, “Decision Points” lets you know the George W. Bush in blood and flesh as well. Perhaps media has given you the family details of Bush, but do you have any idea what terms Mr. Bush has with his family? In this autobiographical sketch, Bush has illustrated his personal as well, and you can even know that once he had lost faith over everything, and Indian Yoga brought them back to him. His battle to quit smoking presents the real George W. Bush in person before us, and its Virgin Books that has published this book. RightBooks.in brings you “Decision Points” just a mouse click distance, and just a click at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780753539965 is what you are to execute to get this work.

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