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“Sixth Man” makes a ride for the readers to the murder mystery genre

Mystery thrillers are loved simply because of the suspense element, the application of intellect to solve the mystery, and most importantly, the action involvement. All these form the deadly combination that keeps you stuck to the paperback, and, hold on. There is reason to turn enthusiastic if you are a thriller buff, because David Baldacci is all ready to present the latest action venture of the investigator duo King and Maxwell, named “Sixth Man”. This time around, king and Maxwell faces the challenge to identify the truth of Edgar, who is accused of serious allegation, serial killing. Even before the investigation commences, the man who knew too much, and a potential source of the vital information that could have made the progress easier, the lawyer of Edgar gets murdered. Now, it’s no lesser than a Herculean task for King and Maxwell to unfold the truth. To solve a mystery, the first thing that an investigator needs is an even minimal clue, and here, in contrast, the investigator receives loads of half-truths. The storyline of “Sixth Man” takes a twisting in every page, because whatever King and Maxwell are receiving as the potential clue, are actually meant for distracting them from reaching the truth. It’s an obstacle abundance in every step of the investigation process that awaits the investigator to confuse them, as well as to derail the progress of the case. The time for finishing off the case is limited, and the case must be resolved before the trial of Edgar commences. Can King and Maxwell stand this cliffhanger ask? Is Edgar really innocent? That’s the suspense element of “Sixth Man” that David Baldacci has handled magnificently, and this suspense thriller has every reason to become the next bestseller once Macmillan Publishers launch this paperback on early May. And RightBooks.in cant let this opportunity go, and a click at www.rightbooks.in will let you have this action packed thriller at a lucrative discount of 30%. Just visit RightBooks.in at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780230753334 and be a part of this roller coaster mystery ride.

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