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Truth attracts controversies and this is very much true for V.S. Naipaul

Popularity and controversy come hand by hand, as in the case of V.S. Naipual. The literature maestro has earned almost same proportion of appreciation and criticism throughout his literature life, although hardly anything bothered him to tell whatever he thinks right. Be it the through analysis of the misconception of Islamic movement via Talibanism and its origin, or open to express that no female author could even give a contest to his writings, V.S. Naipual is the source for breaking news all the time. People are keen to know more of his writings, and RightBooks.in has made it possible for the online book shoppers. The respective at RightBooks.in maintained exclusively for him is really a hotspot to watch out for. Its not that he restricted himself in dealing with a particular religion only. Just like he criticized the Islamic rituals in Among the Believers, reprised the same feat in Beyond Belief Islamic Excursions Among The Converted Peoples, and Beyond Belief, similarly Hinduism couldn’t escape his criticism either. An Area of Darkness harshly pointed the disastrous result of the Hindu caste system, a perfect sequel to his irony filed work called A House of Mr. Biswas that narrates the humiliation of him while committing something wrong at a Hindu ritual. Naipaul doesn’t mind attacking the obsolete and harmful ritual values immaterial of the religion, that's why he is tough to digest. Surely RightBooks.in has exerted a great job in assembling his works under a single link. The main attraction of the collection that www.rightbooks.in/Product_search.asp?cid=1&fc=2&fsr=V.S+Naipaul&pt=2 is certainly The Mosque of Africa, where he points out the conflict between the ancient ritual values of African tribes, which he describes a main reason for their backwardness, and the foreign religions, mainly Islamic and Christianity. A Turn To South describes Naipual’s experience while interacting people in various social hierarchy in the countries of South Asian territories. While In A Free State A Novel With Two Supporting Narratives he explains the journey of two, Indian and Asian West Indian respectively, while searching for a safe place to live in, only to get more trouble because of their different religious background.

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