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Jim Collins, in his “Good to Great”, lets you distinct between the leaders and the followers

In the field of business, whether the product driven ones or the service operated ones, there is always the distinction between the leader and the followers. It’s the leadership in the business activities that takes the business to a new level, and the policy that the existing management adopts is mainly responsible for the performance. The top-level management has to decide whether to follow the trend that is practiced in the industry and to excel in it, or the start a trend that others should follow. That approach decides the position of the concerned business in the existing business circuit; trendsetters enjoy the status of the “Greats”, whereas the “Goods” have no option but to satisfy themselves within the follower categories only. In fact that’s the distinction that Jim Collins has drawn for you, in his much hyped and highly acclaimed management issue works, called “Good to Great”. If an industry has to progress and enjoy a steady and healthy growths, it has to have newer products, newer demand patterns, and therefore, newer demand patterns. It’s the so-called “Greats” who can result that, and for all reasons, the industry heavily banks on these particular concerns. The work culture, competency level of the employees, market positioning, promotional activities obviously do play a fair amount in the survival acts, but the management cognition and the thought process ultimately decides the difference. Not just the theoretical approaches, but with numerous real life case studies were analyzed by Collins to reach out this distinctive conclusive between these two major players in the industry. Definitely, this generous and logical approach in distinguishing these two players are very much acclaimed by the students, teachers, and the practicing organizations in the industry, and this time its your turn that RightBooks.in has organized to avail this book. The visit to www.rightbooks.in has always yielded great results, and the link at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780712676090&Good To Great is what you are to pay your attention now.

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