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Kiran Desai has earned her place in writing through her inimitable style of portraying the subject matter

It’s Kiran Desai, who has been the mainstay of the new age Indian female authors. Not to be biased with the gender, her easy and soothing style of story telling, selective words and phrases that touches the mindset of the reader instantly, are the winning compositions of Desai’s write ups. Her writings have kept millions of readers amazed, and this time, it’s your turn to perceive the same. It’s RightBooks.in to do this task for you, and your trip to www.rightbooks.in lets you have two of her most appreciated works, titled The Inheritance Of Loss and Hullabaloo In The Guava Orchard. Among these two, the former one is obviously more special, because this is the novel that have made Desai earn her maiden Man Booker prize in 2006. Hullabaloo In The Guava Orchard is her latest work, and the storyline revolves around Sampat, the main character of this work. As he grows inside, his mother Kulfi, she feels a strange sort of craving hunger. She crosses the threshold into an obsession, scouring the hills and mountains for herbs, vegetation and animals to cook. The main part of the book is concerned with Sampat's dislike of the business of living around people with expectations of him and making a living. He wants to escape all this and the boring job his father has secured for him at the post office as a clerk. He escapes one day and makes himself a home on a tree in a guava orchard at the foothills of the mountains. Unfortunately the world follows him. People flock to him. They dub him a wise man and listen to him. The monkeys that have been plaguing the town of Shahkot also flock to him to share the food offerings that are made to him on a daily basis. The Inheritance Of Loss, on the other hand, takes you to the backdrop of Gurkha movement in West Bengal way back in late 80s. That’s the movement that had changed life forever for many families, like Sai. That’s the movement that cost her grandfather, and she was thrown into the roller coater ride of life, and the narration is written such a way that you feel the course of actions personally. That’s the magic of Kiran Desai. And just a visit to the specific segment in the name of her maintained by www.rightbooks.in/Product_search.asp?cid=1&fc=2&fsr=Kiran+Desai&pt=2 makes you realize that.

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