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Very few authors in modern times have shown the direct involvement into the social issues, democracy, environment protection and human rights other than writing only, like Arundhati Roy did

She has been under fire, ever since she started raising questions against the socio political issues and credibility of Indian democratic system. Every time she had protested, her protest backfired her, yet she stood firm on her stand. She faced numerous criticisms, currently facing number of trials for revealing the truth, yet she is going strong. Take Ordinary Person’s Guide to Emperor, or Grasshopper’s Field Notes On Democracy. So much has been said and promised about the common and fundamental rights of the common people in India, but the reality is something different. Those who are powerful enjoy the power to do anything, no matter whether going by or against the law, and the common people have no other choice, but to suffer. Roy attacked this system of heterogamous rights with this so-called democratic system in these work. Collections at www.rightbooks.in host these controversy raising, yet truthful books, to make your understand what your basic right is to the state. People often go by the hype that the state speculates, without bothering about finding the reality. We all know the 13th December attack on the Indian Parliament, but the trail proceedings, the violation of human rights were deliberately kept out of sight by the state sponsored media. Roy didn’t thought twice to reveal the truth behind the curtain, and resulted 13th December: A Reader. Walking with Comrades is another work that revealed the true story of the people lining in backward and Naxal hit areas, and for understandable reasons, was too hot to digest for the State. It's RightBooks.in that makes you have all her works, all at discounted prices. RightBooks.in salutes the undying spirit of this woman of fire, and it's your golden opportunity to experience her works on numerous issues that often traumatized the stereotyped corrupted system. Your visit to www.rightbooks.in/Product_search.asp?cid=1&fc=2&fsr=Arundhati+Roy&pt=2 explores the burning write ups from her.

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