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Frederick Forsyth, the ace thriller originator, is back with his action packed stuff “The Cobra”

Frederick Forsyth is back with a bang, this time around, he has a different story to share with you. Unlike his earlier ventures, this time he has tried his hands on the secret agent stories, something that you have very rarely seen from him. If you are an avid fan of him, certainly "The Cobra" is the one that is all set to give you a thrilling story to share with you. The field of drug peddling is no doubt a major issue, and that’s the plot that Frederick is having now for consideration. The story begins with the US president’s concerns over the increasing trade of drug peddling, and the trend is increasing so alarmingly that immediate curbing and damage control is not adequate; but a complete demolition of the racket. Problem is there is no one to rely upon to take up the assignment; in fact the peddling racket is too powerful to resist such actions. Peddlers have their influence everywhere, and the scoop of even a minimum initiative or movement reaches them in time. Mr. President has no rely on; until Paul Devereaux enters the scene. He is the ex CIA agent, and is considered the perfect candidate for this mission. It demands not just the physical strength to combat these ruthless peddlers, but also the presence of mind and intelligence to win over the menace. Paul is given everything that are needed to succeed his mission, right from the resources to money, arms and weapons, manpower, supreme authority to command the venture, and he is answerable to the president only. And he is "The Cobra", the code name assigned to him for this lethal venture. The mission starts, but before that, he must make the groundwork done regarding the full details of the trade, right from the manufacturing to the distribution channel to different routes and locations. Now the action begins, and a highly dangerous series of actions, accompanied with intelligence is what Paul is left with to get his job done. Really an incredible stuff that RightBooks.in has hosted, and www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780552159913&The%20Cobra is the link to visit at to have it.

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