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The ideology before and after independence has changed a lot and Ramachandra Guha describes them through “India After Gandhi”

While discussing a country’s history, India is really the one the historians would more than love to be at. The post independence period is the one that saw India’s developmental phase, and Ramachandra Guha is in particular interested in that phase. This was the phase that saw India’s developmental progress, but on the other hand, this phase saw India’s problematic period as well. “India After Gandhi” is the series of consequences that India had encountered, both domestically and internationally. On one side, there were reasons for that tenacious feel good experience. Guha delineates them effectively: the establishment of the machinery and the miracle of the elections (there's an excellently orchestrated chapter on how the first one happened); the creation of provinces along linguistic lines (which should have led to conflict) by forgotten historical figures; the survival of democracy and free speech in spite of poverty, corruption, sectarian strife, Indira Gandhi and more recently, the waning of power at the center and the rise of an opportunistic federalism. Every dubious development has a positive outcome; it's a story of incorrigible resilience and charm. The first two-thirds of the book, where Guha is describing the consolidation of the shaky state, are, notwithstanding the deluge of facts, surprisingly absorbing; by quoting frequently and shrewdly, Guha allows us to eavesdrop on the multiplicity and richness of the conversation - between politicians, writers, civil servants, well-wishers, detractors - within which change took place. This book is not about anything fictitious, and Guha portrays this narration so beautifully that even the mammoth size book will not appear as a boring one even for a moment. A series of events were there, the partition crisis, the Kashmir issue and the series of militant movements which is still hurting India, the Indo-China war, mid 80’s crisis, initiation of open market policy, emergence as the global super power, Guha tabulates them all. RightBooks.in maintains this collection worthy stuff at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780330505543&India%20After%20Gandhi for you at affordable discounted rates.

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