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Rahman’s music needs no further introduction, in fact, that’s not Nasreen Munni Kabir, the author of “A. R. Rahman The Spirit Of Music” has not even tried rather he just narrates the musical saga that this all-time-great possessed, something that Rahman fans are unheard of

Music with an individual taste, with an unique and original style is what that perhaps describes best Rahman’s music best. He is in the same industry of Bollywood with the other noted musicians, the characters of the movie dance to his tunes the same way in the other movies as well. Still he is standout, just because he is original. Even if you are to make listen to any of his unheard tunes; straightaway you could spot that it could be Rahman. From melody, classical, rock versions to the youthful numbers, he is the composer who has his touch in all segments of music. Besides the classical music maestros, A.R Rahman is truly the composer who has sealed the place of Indian music in the international arena with its own appeal. His music comprises the rare combination of melody with the western touch that is the reason that people, irrespective of the global boundaries, can relate to his music. Achievements like being the first Indian musician to win Oscars, Golden Globe, BAFTA awards are just the counting features to his cap, but ultimately, it's his brilliance in scoring that there is no hesitation that he is the “Mozart of the East”. Nasreen Munni Kabir walks past the long journey of Rahman, starting from his A.S Dilipkumar jingle days, to the man who has guaranteed his permanent place in the history of music. The stuff called A. R. Rahman The Spirit Of Music describes not just the musical journey of Rahman, but also brings the clear picture of the music maestro as a person. Despite being the most hi-profile Indian musician, Rahman is still a very down-to-earth, simple living, and private person, and surely this is work that will make you know the most sought after musician know even better. Interesting facts about his popular numbers, behind the curtain stories make this work a worth readable one, and the free music CD comprising his noted numbers are really a plus of this RightBooks.in presentation. Trip to www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9789380070148&A. R. Rahman The Spirit Of Music (Free Music CD)
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