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Simple boy meets girl type love story patterns are always welcomes by the book lovers and Varsha Dixit places one such stuff with her debut effort called “Right Fit Wrong Shoe”

Falling in love is something that changes the world around you. You feel like succeeding in the treasure hunt when your hand is hold by the person you dream about, time just whistles past even when you spend hours with the person, when you are not together, you just keep imagining the sweet things you had together. That’s the magic that only love can give you, and Varsha Dixit narrates exactly the same charm in her very first effort called “Right Fit Wrong Shoe”. The first that will attract you is the simplicity of the story. It’s the story that revolves around the simple persons, their expectations, surroundings, dreams, heartbreaks and most importantly, the spirits they exert. It’s the story and the characters; that you just can’t differentiate with yourself. Nandini is no different with the girls whom you come across every day; she is the same girl next door, with her qualities and limitations. She is just like any other common girls with her fun loving and bubbly characters; she wants to live her life yet she is bothered about the middle class values that her parents taught her. She falls in love, but in the initial phase, she finds that Aditya is not the person she was dreaming about. So the problem starts and eventually Nandini dumps him. Although Nandini still has the guilty feeling for dumping him, but she decides to move on with it. Aditya silently disappeared from her life, only to reappear with a bang, but this time as a person Nandini could have never imagined. Aditya is a completely different person, and his earlier chocolate boyish charm is completely gone now. Rather he is arrogant, full of attitude and to make the matters worse, he is Nandini’s new boss and soon the office life turns a hell for Nandini. Problem is that Nandini can’t even resign, and she has to interact with Aditya, if not for personal purpose, but surely for professional purpose. Slowly Nandini realizes that Aditya still feels for her, and the happy ending is what you can assume. All you are to make sure is to click upon www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9788129115232&Right%20Fit%20Wrong%20Shoe to avail this RightBooks.in presentation.

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