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Yet again, the words from John Grisham does the magical treat and the latest venture of Theo, called "The Abduction" is all set to spill the magic once more

There’s an icon in every field, especially for the teenagers. The Harry Potter series is a live example of that, and following the same trend, John Grisham creates his own teenage favorite character, called Theodore Boone. Theo is a teenage amateur detective who wishes to become an eminent lawyer someday. Solving the mysteries behind the crimes executed is his hobby and the earlier John Grisham effort was a huge hit among the teenage book lovers. Completely targeted for the youth market, the latest called “The Abduction” is right here for the Theo fans. Theo had solved his earlier mysteries with his natural analytical mindsets, but this time he has an assignment related with someone very much close to him. His best friend April is suddenly missing from her apartment and no one has an answer where she might actually go. It was the midnight since when she was missing, and no one can a throw a light or a clue regarding her missing. At first it was thought that April herself left her home but in reality, this was the least possible thing to happen. Theo comes into the arena and soon it was made clear that April didn’t leave the house but was abducted. Now the police is trying to solve the mystery on their own way and their prime suspect is an escapee who flees from the jail the same night April was missing. But Theo realizes that the truth is something else and there is someone else behind the crime. Once again, the pathway that Theo takes is a separate one from that of the Police and the kid detective is on his cycle ride to move around to find the clue about the abduction of his best friend. As usual, the police are not giving the deserved importance to the investigation that Theo is conducting, and this non-co-operation is certainly making Theo’s job a lot tighter. Theo relies on his intelligence to make a break through, and is on mission that is more important to him, considering his earlier cases. Certainly a perfect readable one to gift for the kids, and the link at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9781444714579&Theodore%20Boone%20%20The%20Abduction by RightBooks.in gives the buying details.

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