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After being inside “The Sunset Club” another classical from Khushwant Singh, you actually get a look back to your life that you have left behind

There is an unmatched feel that old age offers. The vibrant lifestyle that youth used to offer is gone now and the inevitable, called Death is on its slow, but definite steps. This is the time frame that offers an individual to take a re-look on the life that has gone past. The one that has gone can’t be restored anymore, but recalling them gives a feel that is unique on its own. Characters in the stuffs from Khushwant Singh have often got strikingly similarity with Singh himself and “The Sunset Club” is no exception either. Sardar Buta Singh, one of the three old mates who sit at the Lodhi Garden and celebrates the memory of their electrifying lifestyle in company of the triple “S”- Sex, Scotch and Scandal, will give you enough suspicions that the chracter is none other than Khushwant Singh himself. The other two, Pandit Preetam Sharma, Nawab Barkatulla Baig, both are in their eighties along with Singh, openly elaborates their youth and activities and you get a colorful narration of their lively life they used to lead. Chronologically speaking, this book deals with exactly twelve months of the daily conversation the three friends share with each other. The three are Sardar Boota Singh the self-confessed agnostic who still believes in God, Pandit Preetam Sharma – a Hindu in every single way and an Oxford graduate at that, being a former education minister, ironically is the most ignorant of the three and finally you are introduced to Nawab Barkatullah Dehlavi, who is a Pathan and is in good shape even in this age. He is a well-to-do man with a rich inheritance and has nothing to worry about. They discuss everything in that one-year from sex to politics, to constipation and the infirmities of old age to love and the poets and poems of years gone by. Each of the chapter starts with one new month and places the changing views of the three old men, who have been friends with each other since last forty years. Something mind blowing is not worth to define this RightBooks.in presentation; rather, an asset to your collection that the link at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780670085194&The%20Sunset%20Club will be giving you.

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