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Known as the versatile writer for all ages, this time Salman Rushdie magic is set to color children literature up in his newest novel, "Luka And The Fire Of Life"

Every time something from Rushdie you pick, you get into the touch of quality enriched literature stiffs. His write-ups are something that needs no introduction and his versatility in the different fields shows his genius and brilliance. You yourself got amazed with his writing venture a number of occasions and now the turn has come for your kids to get the glimpses of his children centric book works. Luka And The Fire Of Life takes your kid to the world of fantasies through the simplistic yet touching narration of Luka’s quest to bring his father back from the never-ending deep sleep. In his newest novel, "Luka And The Fire Of Life" published by Random House, UK, Salman Rushdie manages to not only create a fantastical world and a great adventure for his young hero to explore and experience, he gives us an intriguing look at the relationships between stories, their listeners and the way the two come together to shape the world around them. While it contains most of the elements we've come to expect from a tale involving a hero's quest, it’s the twist and turns he throws in for him to navigate that makes this one special. Although set in the same World of Magic and with the same cast of characters, those who have read Haroun will find Luka a wildly different sort of novel. The advent of video games and media over-saturation has mutated the original charm and wonderment of Haroun into something that feels forced and distant, and will ultimately leave readers yearning for a more traditional tale. Luka's father, Rashid Khalifa, is a professional orator who regaled his children with tales of the World of Magic as they were growing up. Featuring such fantastic fixtures as the Sea of Stories and the River of Time, the World of Magic is not only a fantasy realm but also a physical manifestation of creativity and imagination. Something like this class can only match up with your kid’s mindset, and RightBooks.in brings you the opportunity again. Just rush to www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780099555322&Luka%20And%20The%20Fire%20Of%20Life to get it now.

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