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Salman Rushdie, perhaps the most noted and the most controversial author of the recent times, is now at RightBooks.in

If you are to name one single author from the recent times, famous for both valid and wrong reasons, it has to be Salman Rushdie. He is, perhaps the most controversial yet the most charming author to go through. Since his heartwarming The Midnight’s Children and the storming Satanic Verses, Rushdie has come along way. He has penned all the colors of life with elegance and RightBooks.in is proud to collect his literature picturesque works to stud your collections of quality books. It's a separate book genre at www.rightbooks.in for the Rushdie books only that RightBooks.in has arranged for you. It's the style of narrating the story with mastery over words and expression that Rushdie has excelled in. Consider The Moor’s Last Sigh, the one that defines roller coaster ride of an individual through the lifespan or the Fury, the one that describes the satanic traits within a human psychology and its outcomes or consider The Ground Beneath Her, the story of the music composing couple, which got separated with an accident and yet again, music, unites them. Besides the story of the people belonging to different segments of the society, Rushdie strikes the historical backdrop into his novels as well and Enchantress Florence, the story that revolves the love story in the background of Mughal dynasty is the perfect example of that. Even he has offerings for kids as well and works like Luka and the Fire of Life, Haroun and the sea of stories will surely make a good story experience to your kids. If you are fan of short stories, your visit to www.rightbooks.in brings on East West Stories, collections of the short stories written by him. Your browsing through www.rightbooks.in/Product_search.asp?cid=1&fc=2&fsr=Salman+Rushdie&pt=2 is incomplete without mentioning his novel of his life, called The Midnight’s Children. Just visit us to experience the writer of the modern times.

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