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Short stories have its own flavor of vintage class without being too elaborate, its punch lines make you realize its impact, even after you have finished reading and Jeffrey Archer mastered at it in his latest, called "And Thereby Hangs A Tale"

While looking for something short yet sweet, that exerts a long last in the memory, surely short stories are the branches of the literature that spearhead this stylus. Numerous authors have shown their individual skills and brilliance while crafting this very form of literature and Jeffrey Archer certainly deserves a premium place in this regard. His latest, called “And Thereby Hangs A Tale proves his capability of drafting and presenting an interesting plot yet again. In this 15 story rich compilation, Archer stands to his multilevel expertise while taking the reader to a trip to the various flavors of the literature. From supernatural to suspense, from romantic ones to crimes, the brilliant story telling of Archer covers every possible aspect that makes a classical story. However, his latest, called “And Thereby Hangs A Tale is not completely his elementary creation, out of the fifteen, ten were told to him by others and he redesigned the plot to result this Macmillan publication work. He has the power to keep the attention of the reader intact and every possibility is there to finish the compilation at one go. Twists, yet with the appearance that touches the heart is the characteristic feature of Archer. While one of his works here narrates the story of an urban couple, who are to go through the obstacles of inter-caste marriage and still their passion for each other stays stronger than before. Or the story called Blind date, where a blind man tries to woo a woman with his charm, only to find later that the woman was blind, too. Or the Queen’s Telegram, where the old man imagines that its none other than her highness will be wishing her wife on her 100th Birthday, Plots taken from the daily life, involving the common people and their common life are brilliantly narrated in this short story collections. RightBooks.in stages this classical effort from this literature great, and the link at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780330513685&And Thereby Hangs A Tale gives the complete details of buying.

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