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Sometimes, something usual and beyond expectation happens that just changes the life standing the fact related with the presence of god and just that’s what William P. Young states in his venture called “The Shack”

Often you wondered to know, if god actually exists there. Number of times you heard the god is everywhere, but seldom, if not never, you came to know about the existence of the almighty who controls our lives. It needs a miracle that will make you believe about the existence of that super power, just the way Mac perceived it. In the novel titled “The Shack” by William P. Young, exactly that’s the one that is exemplified. Where is God in all of this? This is the question The Shack is attempting to address. With it, if you perceive him rightly, he is also trying to dispel some of the religious notions of others who fail to meet the need. Those who in fact add to our distress by their pat and/or distorted answers and portraits of God. Sound theology, Biblical theology can really do that. That’s the ideology Yong has tried to express in this work. However, Young’s approach is to radically redefine God Himself, reject a healthy portion orthodox doctrine and then to promulgate his own theological framework. Make no mistake; this is not mere fiction stuff for you. Fiction is only Young’s instrument of communication, like the short stories. The Shack is Young’s offering up of his systematic theology of relationship. Undoubtedly, his effort is effective in this regard. “Papa”, the nickname of god used in “The Shack”, is just like any other common human beings, and will make you easy to correlate Mac’s interaction with God, when he is back to the same place wherefrom he had to return broken hearted and shattered with the unbearable pain of losing his daughter forever. It is the same place where he is back again, and this time around, he is set to have an encounter with the god, of course in disguise. God disguises in a Latino woman, and Mac hardly could recognize. Young wants to introduce readers to a loving God who was willing to sacrifice his own son to save us from our sins. But all heresies begin with misconstruing the nature of God. Can Mac get his daughter back? RightBooks.in has the answer, and the link at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780964729230&The Shack is what that host it.

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