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“Between Lives” is an insightful journey through memory, self-scrutiny, and love; a tender and frank, and an invitation to live fully with each other and with the land that K.S Maniam has in place for you

Set in a mesmerizing landscape, and illuminating the eternal struggle between the old and the new, “Between Lives” reveals to you a journey of self-reflection and the hope of recovering what is lost forever to humanity. K.S Maniam introduces Sumitra before you, who is a social worker, and leads a fabulous life. She can pluck from the alien spaces in her mind the needed insights to put her subjects back on the track. She and Christina, her colleague and friend, invent themselves so often they think they are always teetering on the verge of some disaster. Sumitra does slip over the edge - when she meets Sellamma, the old woman, she has to get into a welfare home. When Sellamma refuses to budge, Sumitra besieges her by sitting in front of her every day. Sellamma finally relents and lets Sumitra into her memories and treats her as her long-lost sister. Sumitra plays along, hoping to find the flaw that will help her dislodge the old woman from her memories and her land. Instead, she finds herself under the spell of the old woman's personality and memories. Sumitra does her own painful self-examination and remembering: she recalls her lost innocence, and that moment when she took the false road. After Sellamma's death, Sumitra, with the support of Christina and Aishah, her other colleague, refuses to surrender the land Sellamma has left her. Right in the middle of a buzzing Malaysian city is a magnificent forest, now a piece of prime real estate and the perfect setting for a swanky theme park. The trouble, however, is Sellamma, the old woman who owns the forestland, and refuses to budge. Sumitra, who works for the Social Reconstruction Department, is given the challenging task of convincing the old lady to move into a welfare home. A great believer in her people skills and a focused professional, Sumitra is used to tackling all kind of cases. But, somehow, Sellamma eludes her maneuvers. A class stuff that RightBooks.in service brings before you, and www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780143066415&Between%20Lives is the link address that takes you there.

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