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Color of life is the characteristic feature that Danielle Steel shows in her works and RightBooks.in is now stuffed with the best-sellers from Danielle Steel

When Danielle Steel pens something, the stuff is sure to hit on top of the best selling list. In fact, she is the world record holder for making it 381 consecutive weeks at the bestseller list at the New York Times. The reason for her such hype in her workings is simple. It’s the relationship that human beings survive for, and different situations portray different colors of relationship. That’s the colorfulness of life is all about, and Steel paints the journey of life with her brilliant wordily expressions. RightBooks.in brings a glittering opportunity for you to have her critically acclaimed works. Star, one of the most acclaimed novels by steel, is the dream a girl weaves to make it really large in her world of dream, called Hollywood. In contrast to that, the story of Serena in Remembrance is a different experience to read upon, because here the central character is on a lookout for her lost past. The tale in Crossings Hachette lets you encounter the fate of a lady, after she reaches Europe, and the World War II separates her from her husband. These are the few examples of the wide varieties of the offerings that www.rightbooks.in has for you. Steel is among those few successful writers who actually narrates human expressions and feelings and then scripts them into her ever acclaimed works. Your visit to www.rightbooks.in/Product_search.asp?cid=1&fc=2&fsr=Danielle%20Steel&pt=2 brings on the collection link of Steel books, and her stuffs like Kaleidoscope/Family Album, Summer’s End, Zoya, Southern Light, Full Circle, Palomino, Wings, Vanished, Accident, The Gift, Lightning, The Kiss, Answered Prayers, The Cottage, The Wedding, A Good Woman, Big Girl, Safe Harbour, The Ring (Reissue), Crossings, Matters Of The Heart, Going Home, Changes, Now and Forever, Fine Things, Daddy, Toxic Bachelors, Bungalow 2, Coming Out, The House, Silent Honor, The Promise, Five Days In Paris, Echoes, Granny Dan are all available at us, at affordable discounted price rates. Its really a collection of quality books that we have hosted for you.

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