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Jack Reacher is back on trot exactly where the 61 hours ended and the thrill pumps up the adventure mode further in “Worth Dying For” by Lee Child

Worth Dying For picks up shortly after 61 Hours. If you had liked the Reacher series before, this book is exactly what you hope it is. It has lots of action, lots of tough guys and an absurd assortment of bad guys. This time out Jack is in a small town in the Nebraska plains, fighting a weird hick family of truckers who share a dark secret. “Worth Dying For”, master class craft from Lee Child, have all the trademarks of a Reacher book. There is an isolated and very small community cut off from the outside world and in the thrall of a family who own the local farms and businesses using this fact to control the population with the help of muscle provided by a college football team. There is a mystery at the bottom of all this: who are the evil-seeming Duncan family, what is the source of their wealth given the state of the US farming industry and what happened to the daughter of a local resident who disappeared 25 years ago? Reacher begins to investigate all these questions, driven by his innate sense of justice and his disgust at the bullying behavior of the Duncans, not least to the female characters in this novel. As readers, you were shown the macro view and as the story unfolds the story becomes more and more focused and Jack's actions become deadlier and less random-seeming. You will just love how the story unfolds into an intimate expose of the small corner of Nebraska with Jack at its core, the spider unraveling the intricate web. It contains all the ingredients that make this series such a success: tough hero adhering to his own moral code and standing up for the "true" American values that transcend officialdom; some exciting set-pieces; easy to read – the prose is not as simplistic as is found in some other best-selling novels but is pretty easygoing; a plot that provides a bit of mystery and suspense without taxing the brain too much (Reacher isn't that clever, although he's always slightly cleverer than the opposition); and plenty of wish-fulfillment concerning ethics and values that we'd all like for our society but which are unlikely ever to happen. RightBooks.in has it for you and www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780553825497&Worth%20Dying%20For is your link to click at.

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