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The modern day violence that the piracy act executes, accompanied with action and suspense with a little romance thrown in is what that keeps the readers stuck to “Those in Peril” by Wilbur Smith

Wilbur Smith hits the best selling list as usual, and his latest called “Those in Peril is already attracting hypes from every corner of the readers. It’s the action packed sequencing that Smith books are always featured with, and this effort goes past the expectation level smoothly. When you know that Smith is up for another best selling stuff, you already what is coming, and “Those in Peril will not disappoint you by any means. It’s the action sequences that will be the immediate eye catchers for you in this book, crafted in a very much enjoyable mode. Those sequences and the lead up to them cover about two-thirds of the book. The other third of the book, dealing with character development and “romance” was simply incredible. The graphicness of the sex scenes will surely make you exotic, though they may some, but the unbelievably of them did. They seemed straight out a teenage boy’s dreams, or a late-night Cinemax movie, something that gives the feel of Larger than life. The main character, Hector Cross, is an intelligent strong willed man of action who is employed as head of security for an oil company. Hazel Bannock is a strong, independent widow who inherited the company from her late husband and has since greatly increased its worth. When the yacht carrying Hazel's daughter Cayla is attacked and Cayla is kidnapped for ransom, the action really takes off. Hector plans, coordinates and executes the mission to rescue Cayla. Along the way he and Hazel and his team have to deal with betrayal by someone they trusted, gun fights, car chases over brutal terrain, and injury to those they care about. Around the middle of novel, after I thought the action part was over, a new round of action begins as Hector and Hazel put in place a plan to exact revenge on those responsible for horrendous acts. All this works together to make this novel hard to put down. For your love for entertaining and action freaks, this work from Smith is something that won’t want to miss out. The link at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780330545266&Those%20In%20Peril lets you to be there, and RightBooks.in is the opportunity provider for you.

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