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When you are out for a long drive, quality food stalls are what you keep looking for, and Rocky Singh and Mayur Sharma find the solution for you in “Highway On My Plate The Indian Guide To Roadside Eating”

If you think all the delicacies are available in those exotic multi starred hotels or the restaurants only, there is room for you to think again. Foods, especially in the roadside food outlets are something of a different taste that you probably won’t be getting at those expensive outlets. No matter whether you are a non-veg foodie or an avid veg food lover, it’s the roadside food outlets that keep your taste bud tickling. The ace duo Rocky Singh and Mayur Sharma had did it earlier on television, if you can recall those tempting food episodes they used to air on NDTV, called Highway On My Plate. Now the same experience of those spice reach and yummy stuffs are back again, and this time in the form of a food directory; something of immense help when you are out for a long drive. The duo is, this time a lot more organized, and their venture called “Highway On My Plate The Indian Guide To Roadside Eating”, from Random House India started exactly wherefrom the show ended. Be it the Dhabas, or the small snacks center, or even the liquor shops just by the roads you are driving, this is the detailed work that covers all. To make your food browsing even more meaningful in a more delicious way, the first thing that you need to know is the information of the food centers on your way, and the types of foods available there. And this book does exactly that. It covers state to state, the national and other important highways passing through it, the town, cities, villages or other localities beside that, so that you can exactly spot your location. The next thing is the info about the food outlets, and this books covers all the food centers that comes your way, and the somewhat detailed stuffs about the foods available there. If you are conscious about the hygiene, there are ratings provided for the respective items available, so that you can judge your pick. And the historic spots in this regard, like Punjab's legendary Kesar Da Dhaba, or Chawani Lal halwai in Rajasthan etc with its historical background are there as well. Just a drive to www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9788184001365&Highway%20On%20My%20Plate%20%20The%20Indian%20Guide%20To%20Roadside%20Eating is what you are to execute to have this RightBooks.in presentation.

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Gift Basket Jewels said...

This would be the perfect book to have, when traveling India. Getting a delicious taste of roadside eating would bring the experience home. Valuable information!

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