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Daniel Domscheit-Berg to brief “Inside Wikileaks: My Time With Julian Assange at the world’s most dangerous website”

Written from an insider's perspective, “Inside Wikileaks: My Time With Julian Assange at the world’s most dangerous website” that Daniel Domscheit-Berg drafted will surely exceed our expectations. Most tell-all books written on such short notice are obviously ghostwritten by pros with barely enough detail to fill the requisite number of pages. This book contains not only more detail than expected, but clearly is a distillation of the best of the available material presented largely in chronological order. Julian Assange's character and qualities good and bad are fully revealed, but the whole story also comes out including the significant contributions of those without whom Julian Assange would not be famous. This is a story of two people who believed in the same principles of transparency but had very different ideas of how to go about it. On one side stands Julian who had a discerning eye for material that could be used to exert political influence. On the other is his estranged partner, who shows how WL was acting irresponsibly, playing a risky game with sources’ truth and supporters’ donations. Assange, as the villain of the piece does not disappoint; he is the cad who takes Daniel’s Oval tine and half his food. He is also a petty troublemaker, a superior ass, a nightmare guest and a charlatan suffering from foot in mouth disorder “with a free and easy relationship with the truth”. The writer offers useful insights detailing the level of security taken to ensure the anonymity of the source and submissions; “sources remained untraceable even for the Wikileaks team-mates”. They are coupled with tidbits about their modus operandi, how they gave accounts to someone who was not interested in handling finances or chat rooms to those not concerned with personally influencing public opinion etc. There were times when they tricked the people who wanted documents removed into authenticating them instead. This time, the catalogs that RightBooks.in houses host this whistle blowing stuff, and your visit here at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780224094016&Inside%20WikiLeaks%20My%20Time%20with%20Julian%20Assange%20at%20the%20World will make you have it.

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