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Elizabeth Boyle defines the feel of getting “Mad About The Duke”

The Bachelor Chronicles and Boyle’s latest series combine in a story that showcases Boyle’s delightful and fresh sense of humor and adventure, poignancy and sensuality. There’s everything a romance reader craves and the deep-sigh ending is not easily forgotten. As one of three widowed Lady Standons, Elinor needs a husband to protect her sister from her ruthless stepfather. She enlists the aid of Mr. St. Maur, Esq., to find a duke for a husband. When James, Duke of Parkerton, sees Elinor, he is stuck mad with love and allows her to think him a solicitor. Soon he’s engaged in undukelike activities such as birthing puppies, driving a carriage himself (with disastrous results), stopping a servants’ rebellion, gambling in Seven Dials and squelching the rumors of madness. “Mad About the Duke” is trying to be a new spin on an old tale, but it ends up just being one more waltz around the historical romance dance floor. If you think that you have already read this book with a different hero, you probably have. If you liked it the first time, you will probably like it again.There are a very few fresh moments, such as James’s upset stance that he isn’t on Elinor’s prospective list of dukes since he’s too old, and Elinor’s yearning to buy a new style of dress at the market, but they are far too few to make the same old story into a new and different adventure. If you like your heroines as damsels in distress, and your heroes as staid Dukes bursting into their own personalities, with the London ton as the backdrop and a lukewarm love story in between, then this will be a must read for you. Starting this novel feels like switching on the TV in the middle of the umptieth episode of a soap opera: There are lots of characters around you know nothing about, everybody alludes to events that went on before and you don’t know anything about but are obviously expected to, and to tow you in, little snippets of information are thrown around left and right that are not quite enough for the new reader but contrived enough to annoy the heck out of anyone already up-to-date with Ms. Boyle’s work. Rita Award-winner, USA Today and New York Times bestseller Elizabeth Boyle delights once more with “Mad About the Duke, the second book in her wonderfully creative, wickedly fun Widows of Standon historical romance series. It is a delectable tale of an intrepid young woman who employs an incognito duke—whom she mistakenly believes to be a common solicitor—in her quest to land a titled second husband. Featuring characters from her popular Bachelor Chronicles, Boyle proves once again to be one of today’s most imaginative writers of romantic fiction. Check www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780061783500&Mad%20About%20The%20Dukenow for the fabulous one that RightBooks.in brings on for you.

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