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Face off with “The Naked Face”, the first even by Sidney Sheldon

This is a must read for all you lovers of psychology, its a book about how a lay man who is just a doctor was trapped in a fools play and was suspected for the things he has not done. As usual this is a Sidney book and one must remember the climax of the story will be around a woman, how about grabbing a copy and sitting down with it till you finish. Dr. Judd Stevens, M.D., is a caring and successful Manhattan psychoanalyst who must face a horrific prospect; someone is trying to kill him. First, John Hanson, a patient trying overcome his homosexuality, is brutally murdered, perhaps because he was mistaken for Stevens. Not long after, Carol Roberts, Steven's secretary, is also found murdered. The police, partly due to anger with Stevens testimony in a previous case, are quick to treat Stevens as the prime suspect. To prove his innocence and track down the real killer, Stevens hires a private investigator by the name of Norman Z. Moody. Before the case is done, Stevens will have to risk life and limb, psychoanalyze possible suspects and fall in love with a mysterious patient named Annie DeMarco. The surprise elements and the unexpected twists in this book showed his potential as one of the most brilliant story-tellers of all times. Generally most Sidney’s book revolve around a gal Manipulating things around her or in some sense its always about a female. But unlike those, Naked face is a story about a Psychoanalyst Dr. Stevens, who is trying hard to save his life, while hell breaks loose on him and the only one he can trust is himself. He is though the best psychoanalyst but the events make him rethink if he is a patient himself. His sessions with his patients make you understand the human psychology. Its a must read, you can’t keep it away till you are done, in short it is simply great. Three murders take place in succession and circumstances lead Judd Stevens to believe that he will be the next target. However, Lt. Mcgreavy suspects Stevens’ claims to be an act and accuses Stevens of having committed the murders. On the other hand, Detective Angeli is more supportive of Stevens and does all he can to prevent him form being arrested. The major suspense is revealed around 40 pages before its ending (it’s a 220-page book), but is quite difficult to deduce until about 10 pages before it is revealed. But, it is no fabricated suspense. All the pieces of the jigsaw fit and that speaks for Sheldon’s writing skills. In spite of the suspense being out 40-odd pages prior to the end, the end of this tale does not drag a wee bit. In fact, even the final pages are filled with some great literary and story-telling skills. RightBooks.in is fully blessed with the books that has them all, and www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780007253913&The%20Naked%20Face is the link for you to visit.

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