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In “The Discovery of India”, Jawaharlal Nehru the first Prime Minister of India, sets out on a voyage of self-discovery and offers a penetrating analysis of his own motherland

India has a cultural richness behind her, and it requires an inquisitive mindset to discover the real India underneath. And when it’s about bringing the real India, who better than Jawaharlal Nehru himself to shoulder this task? The service from RightBooks.in is in the scene again, and the priceless pieces of the history through the letters that Nehru wrote to his daughter, Indira Gandhi, is right there before you. Pandit Nehru was one of the most prominent freedom fighter, which Mahatma Gandhi referred as his soul. The British rule always see to that he was in prison; desalinating him from people including his daughter Indira. This book was written while he was in jail; where in there was no reference books were available, even limited papers were given to him every day. Pandit Nehru, arguably man who could be held responsible for today’s India, was a man of immense personality. It’s very easy to point out technical mistakes in this book as it has been done with his vision of modern India, however one should clock back to see themselves in his shoes acting differently. There is a difference between learning the details from the history books and reading the book of a man who has gone through the experience. Here we see the pain, the nationalism, the human spirit, and we feel all the feelings that were experienced by the people in the national movement when they gave their lives for the welfare of the country. The few unarmed citizens of the country who trembled the mighty British Empire, which, at the time was the peak of its glory. The chapters give us a beautiful insight into the friendship between Gandhi and Nehru, the role of Gandhi, M. A. Jinnah, the coming of the Second World War and the final phase of the freedom movement after the war. The book however cannot go any deeper into the freedom struggle as it was written a decade before India got her independence. Definitely, a must read for Indians and especially for those who have an interest in Indian History, Culture and traditions. “Discovery of India” is not just a mere book, it introduces you the India that always remained behind your eyesight, and the link at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780143031031&The%20Discovery%20of%20India takes you there straightaway.


Maru Bharti pyarelal.bhamboo said...

"Discovery of India" is not only a book it's like the personality of Nehru the first prime minister of India. Nehru was an idealist, he seems to live in dreams in his books. he is a follower of Gandhi and the same time he follows Lenin and Marx. It is the paradox of his character, like Gandhi,he is also a mixture of opposite ideas. Gandhi mixed Indian religious philosophy with Buddhism and Jainism with a tinge of Christianity and used it in the politics of Indian freedom movement like a skilled merchant. That was the time when British rule was opposed by Indian masses in a strong way and it's possible that it could turn into violent mood. Gandhi sprayed cold water on that surge of heat, it was his success to move away the religion masses from that heat of rebellion. it also serve the interest of the rulers.Nehru also utilized Gandhian theory in this movement and find the leading way of that movement.It is the real personality which appears in this book very clearly.

Maru Bharti pyarelal.bhamboo said...

इतिहास व्यक्तियों से नहीं विचारधाराओं से बनता है। विचारधारायें युग विशेष की भौतिक स्थिति की उपज हैं। मानव संबधों को निर्धारित करने वाली यह भौतिक स्थितियां उस युग विशेष की उत्पादन पद्धति की उपज हैं। यह सम्बध ही समाज में विरोधी वर्गों की उत्पति का कारण हैं। वर्ग संघर्ष की यह घटनायें ऐतिहासिक व्यक्तित्वों को पैदा करती हैं। सामाजिक विकास को गति देने वाले व्यक्तित्व नायक कहे जाते हैं तथा विकास की राह में बाधा डालने वाले खलनायक कहे जाते हैँ। उक्त परिभाषा से निर्णय करें कौन नायक हैं और कौन खलनायक हैं।

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