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John Grisham narrates the death penalty system and wrongful convictions in “The confession”

If only life moved along at the same clip as a John Grisham novel. Beginner writers should study him the way budding composers study Brahms or Pachelbel. He is a master at pacing, even if that doesn't always make up for some of his shortcomings. His latest, "The Confession" is again legal literature on myth. Travis Boyette is an evil, deathly ill parolee in Kansas with a secret he has to share with someone. The serial rapist picks everyman minister Keith Schroeder for his out-of-the-blue confession to the murder of a high school cheerleader in Texas a decade earlier. Something high level written stuff that your quality mind wishes to go through, and RightBooks.in makes the way for you. What gives The Confession an unexpected perspective is that Grisham doesn't focus his novel on the convicted man, his family or even the man who claims to be the real killer. Instead, the story is told from the point of view of a young pastor from Kansas who is unwittingly drawn into the saga and struggles with the complex implications of his role. However, this novel suggests that perhaps Americans have become addicted to the speed with which conviction and execution can be carried out - and that opportunities for more careful consideration are too quickly passed over. It's this motivating force, which perhaps makes the book one of the most personal Grisham has written, even though (largely speaking) he never forgets his primary purpose, which is to entertain. That mission he has been faithfully carrying out since his first book. There are no stylistic flourishes, but Grisham fans will find all their buttons pressed. Truly, something incredible that your reading habit deserves, and RightBooks.in arranges it for you, all the discount rate you cant afford to miss. The link is here, and your trip here at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780099545828&The%20Confession takes you to the storyline without much difficulty.

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