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Rani Singh describes the pathway of “Sonia Gandhi An Extraordinary Life, An Indian Destiny”

Rani Singh’s book draws back the curtain, allowing the reader to encounter Sonia as the person behind the larger-than-life figure that she is for India’s millions. It is a highly readable and rewarding work for anyone interested in modern India and its contemporary politics. A biography that isn't only carefully researched but offers new details about Sonia Gandhi's extraordinary emergence from obscurity to most powerful woman in Asia (and arguably in the world). Rani Singh tells Sonia's story in remarkably vivid prose - tough but fair, critical but empathetic... an enormously readable work of scholarship and journalistic endurance. One cannot read Sonia Gandhi’s biography without being mesmerized by her. She is that sort of a lady – made of steel and yet the humane side is well observed and documented through this biography. Rani Singh has given us a glimpse into Sonia’s life through six sections – charting her life from the Italian Girl to the Indian Household name that she has become today. Rani Singh has an acute understanding of writing a biography. She has chronicled Sonia Gandhi’s life as is – speaking of the incidents and events in a fair manner. There is no biasness involved as one would expect from an influential biography – there are empathetic moments in the book, however they do not get sentimental and that’s what holds the book together. Rani Singh’s writing is not biting and neither is it boring – the book is written gracefully, and carefully examining Sonia Gandhi’s life and what it means to the Indian sub-continent. Perhaps, this is the first time you will ever read something on Sonia Gandhi’s life and her entrance to politics, coming from Italy to being what she is today on the map of Indian Politics. If you would like to discover more of the lady that survived the deaths of two most important people in her life and yet overcome the tragedy to being where she is today, then “Sonia Gandhi An Extraordinary Life, An Indian Destiny” by Rani Singh is the perfect book for you. Through exclusive interviews with members of Sonia's party, political opponents and family friends, Rani Singh casts new light on Sonia. In the first mainstream biography of this inspirational figure, the author’s compelling narrative retraces the path of the brave and beautiful Sonia Gandhi, examining what her life and legacy mean for India. Check this unconventional approach that RightBooks.in arranges for you, and www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780230341609&Sonia%20Gandhi%20An%20Extraordinary%20Life,%20An%20Indian%20Destiny is what your address actually means.

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