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“The Shadow Princess” is about to unveil her identity in the Taj Mahal backdrop as Indu Sundaresan returns to seventeenth century India

Few writers have the ability to make history alive, and the narration makes you visualize the series of incidents right before your eye. Mughal era is referred as one of the most glittering period in the history of Indian civilization, and it is the privilege to have the researchers like Indu Sundaresan, who goes deep inside the history to take out the behind the scenes facts and incidents. “The Shadow Princess will take you to the period of Shahjahan, who has just lost his beloved wife Mumtaaj, and it’s on the teenage shoulder of Jahanara to protect the Mughal emperor from the civil war, led by intra family conflicts. Indu Sundaresan’s “Shadow Princess” is an exciting sequel to the The Twentieth Wife and The Feast of Roses. While The twentieth Wife was on Noor Jahan and The Feast of Roses on Mumtaz Mahal this book revolves around Princess Jahanara. It is yet another glorious retelling of life in Mughal India during the reign of Emperor Shah Jahan. The story starts from the year 1631 at Burhampur in Deccan India that is where the Royal camp of Emperor Shah Jahan is. While The Emperor is busy directing the conquest of Deccan from Burhampur fort in order to gain supremacy in Southern India his beloved queen, 38 year old Mumtaz Mahal, or the Exalted One dies while giving birth to their 14th child in the 19 years of their marriage. That incident acts as a trigger to the crumbling of the Mughal Empire. With the death of his beloved wife, the Emperor slowly loses interest in everything, while his sons conspire and scheme to gain control of the empire. Like Mehrunnisa, the Princess faces her own set of obstacles yet she maintains a powerful position in her father's harem advises in matters of politics and carves out a life given insurmountable odds. In telling Jahanara's story, Sundaresan also provides a glimpse into the building of the Taj Mahal, the magnificent tomb built by Shah Jahan to honor his dead wife. The grand scale in terms of vision, design detail and expense of building this monument reveals the tremendous power Shah Jahan wielded during his reign. Something real quality; that RightBooks.in has brought for your quality mind. And the link at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9788172239978&Shadow%20Princess is the address you are to visit to experience this RightBooks.in offering.

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Seems interesting, No doubt Mughal Empire was glorious period.

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