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Be a part of the “Brief History of Time” that Stephen Hawking unfolds

It’s hard to believe that a whole book can be written be a handheld keyboard like communicator solely with the help of your fingers (and your brain of course) but Steven Hawking has done it. Lecturer in oxford, or in some other university, he is on the same position as Isaac Newton. In the line of great physicists, Hawking is the latest after Einstein, Newton and Galileo. The main objective in the book is the unification of physics, that is, to find a unified force. There are 4 fundamental forces: electromagnetic, weak, strong, and gravity. Electromagnetic and strong have been unified, a unification of electromagnetic, weak, and strong is on its way, but unifying gravity is tricky. The book is base d on finding the universal theory that could predict everything. Gravity, Relativity and Quantum theory all fail in one situation or another. To be precise, this book is a classic in the field of Science. It is a must read for anybody wondering about Universe and its phenomena. It explains a common man’s perception of universe. This book tries to explain the idea of a big bang and the beginning of the universe. It also deals in detail the concepts of space and time, the only two variables. The book addresses questions like, what is time? Did it exist before the beginning of the universe? The author tries to explain how universe was created, the expansion of universe, the origin and fate of universe. The book discusses the elemental particles and the various forces of nature. It also talks about black holes and the mysteries surrounding them. Through the course of ’this brief history’, Hawking convincingly de-mystifies to the lay reader the frontiers of cosmology in simple language. The reader is led through the concepts of time & space, the expanding universe, the Uncertainty principle, Elementary particles & forces, the intriguing black holes, the arrow of time, Worm holes and time travel, future endeavors in presenting a unified theory of forces etc. by Hawking using common language intelligible to the lay reader. The most appealing feature of the book, however, is the way Hawking shares candidly his own mistakes and confusions prior to his ultimate breakthrough. He comes out as a most human and humane scientist eliciting the reader’s faith in his theories. It’s the book that has made science as everyone’s business, and RightBooks.in brings it on for you. Be there at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780553176988&Brief%20History%20Of%20Time,%20A for this winning stuff.

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