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Derek O’Brien ignites the quizzing mindset among your kid with “The Best of Cadbury’s Bourn Vita quiz contest”

If you are looking the for the quiz show that is running since last three decades, yet the quality and the appeal hasn’t reduced even a bit, you can hardly find anything that can beat Bourn Vita quiz contest. In the 70’s, it used to rule the All-India-Radio programs, and when it started airing on the television screen, it kept earning the same appreciation among its viewers. You could safely say that this is the program that contributed havoc to the increasing popularity of quiz contests in India, and in no time, you started being a part of the brain exercises that the O’Brien family initiated. Derek O’Brien, the most prominent among them all, is ready to walk the extra few miles to make quiz even more adorable to you, and “The Best of Cadbury’s Bourn Vita quiz contest” is there to accelerate that. Participating in the Bourn Vita quiz contest meant a prestige issue for the school going youngsters, and winning the championship meant the opportunity to turn overnight celebrity. It’s the battle of the best minds and brains in the national level, and RightBooks.in brings the best out of the battles, so as make you absorb the true pleasure of being in the middle of the quiz floor that not just tests your GK level, but also how much pressure your nerve could hold. It’s often said that there is no end of knowing, and in the BQC collection, a compilation of 1000 most interesting questions covering every subjects, literally, is sure to be the one that you will rush to have. Now, for the first time, the fully revised and updated “The Best of Cadbury’s Bourn Vita quiz contest” is brought to you By Penguin Books India Pvt. Ltd. in special Omnibus volumes. Watch out for fun sections Like Speed Round, Find The Answer, Take Your Pick, Guess The Question, and sharpen your general knowledge by answering questions on Sports, History, Entertainment, Wildlife and several other Topics. After four years, BQC decided to make a grand comeback through Colors channels, and this is the time to launch the book that you were eagerly waiting for to sharpen your quiz skills. Truly, BQC is platform that every quiz aspirant wishes to have, and this is the book that will throw some light on the standards of questions that the school kids were encountering with. The wait for that is finally over, and the trip to the link at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780143332206&The%20Best%20of%20Cadbury%E2%80%99s%20Bourn%20Vita%20quiz%20contest is ready to welcome the same.

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