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Erin Morgenstern takes you to the “Night Circus”

Being at the various book outlets that RightBooks.in kept offering was always been the fruitful one for you. One more reason is there now, and Erin Morgenstern has “The Night Circus” plan for you. The setting is the late 19th and early 20th centuries in and around major world cities — New York, London, Paris, Boston and so on. The Cirque des Reves is an entertainment that whirls through these cities, appearing suddenly, disappearing suddenly, filled with psychics and contortionists and elaborate rooms and labyrinths of great holographic intensity. People are overwhelmingly drawn to the circus. Some, known as “reveurs”, even go so far as to follow it from town to town-dressed uniformly in black, white and red a la Diana Vreeland, maybe. Caught in the power vectors of the Cirque des Reves are two special children, Marco and Celia, who grow to adulthood over the course of the novel. Both are orphans; both have been hyper trained by stern guardians in telekinetic and psychic powers; eventually, it is revealed that the two have been groomed since an early age to be each other’s “opponents” in a contest of magical creation, of which the circus is the arena. The guardians have created this contest for what seems to be nothing but their own sense of power, and they are ruthless in seeing it through to the end: death for the loser. Celia grows to be an illusionist whose illusions aren’t really illusions (she turns clothing into birds and can change the color of a fabric with her mind, among other powers); Marco can create entire worlds at will, invented environments of great beauty, simply by passing his hands over one’s eyes. Eventually, of course, they meet, fall in love, and defy their fate. At the start of each chapter, it tells the year, and chapters go back and forth, sometimes skipping a decade. You will found yourself flipping back a lot to remember when some other event happened in relation to what I was reading, and aurally you will be wondered if some of your friends who have e-readers would have a harder time keeping track of the sequence of events. For you, flipping back and forth and rereading segments with a new perspective added to the excitement of the novel, but you could imagine this annoying some people. Still, you can think the structure is perfect for the story. It mirrors the confusion and disorientation circus visitors feel and also highlight how timeless the actual circus is. Watch is perform live at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9781846555244&The%20Night%20Circus before you.

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