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A teenage love story with a touching appeal is what Mihir Raj has in stock for you, and “Plz. Kiss Me Or Kill Me” lets you get perception go gaga for the sweetest feel of love

This is a sweet love story of three friends who steps in a medical college. Characters are well developed and language of author keeps you engrossed with the characters. Climax of story will thrill you, best ever by any debut writer. This book is recommended to all who shares the bond of friendship and ever fell in love. Unique and new story with great turns is what the perfect one liner that can define “Plz. Kiss Me Or Kill Me”, and Mihir Raj, has undoubtedly, raised the level of expectations with his debut outing into the literature arena. Mihir Raj, by profession, a medico who developed a great passion for writing by the virtue of an introspective phase in his life when he realized this innate quality. Medicine is his profession but writing is the other side of his persona. He is a star blogger at Jagranjunction of Dainik Jagran and one of the winners of Blogstar contest held by Dainik Jagran a leading newspaper. He dreams to build hospitals in far flung areas where health facilities still do not exist and where the mortality rate is alarming simply because people do not get even basic health care. This time, the bright talent pens what suits him most, and chooses the same plot is most familiar with, the medical college background. “Plz. Kiss Me Or Kill Me” is about the initial phases the teenagers face right after the schooling, and a group of teenagers make their first outing in the medical professions. Attracted with the glamour behind it, soon they are wooed, and then life takes a complete turnaround. It’s the same story you get to see in every day’s school or college, the characters are just what you are. “Plz. Kiss Me Or Kill Me” narrate you the story of friendship, betrayals, misunderstandings, jealousy, love, fun, except the tragic end. The bomb blast that screws the lives of Raj, Charu, Robin, Ankita, but side by side, it leaves a long lasting feeling in your heart for the characters, because they are none but your mirror images. Check the link at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9789380349350&Plz.%20Kiss%20Me%20Or%20Kill%20Me now, and RightBooks.in makes them a part of your life.

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