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Ajoy Bose scripts the rise of “Behenji : A Political Biography of Mayawati”

The so called “Dalit ki Beti”, called Mayawati, and her emergence in India’s political scenario is truly something you could call beyond phenomenal. It's hard to imagine that she was once shy and tongue-tied. We know the stereotype of Mayawati as the Dalit leader in pink chiffon, but surprisingly little is known about her personal life. Perhaps you wonder whether there is a historic parallel anywhere else where a woman belonging to the most crushed community known to mankind has risen through the heat and dust of elections to rule two hundred million people and may well reach further to guide the destiny of a billion more in the not too distant future? Mayawati has changed the face of politics in India, turning old assumptions upside down and restructuring power equations entrenched for centuries, if not millennium. The path she has blazed through the Byzantine political system of Uttar Pradesh has been a unique tour de force. Not only has she been the chief minister four times, but also she has done so by overturning the established electoral traditions of a state that virtually invented modern Indian politics. With her in-your-face political style, unabashed display of accumulated wealth and mercurial nature, she is, perhaps, the most enigmatic Indian politician for decades. Eminent journalist Ajoy Bose brings his in-depth experience of covering Indian politics for over three decades to this pioneering political biography of Mayawati. He explores the background of her meteoric rise and examines the growing national clout of this unique woman who could, quite possibly, determine the shape of the next Indian government, and even be the country’s prime minister one day. “Behenji, a political biography of Mayawati”, by senior journalist Ajoy Bose, portrays Mayawati as a low-profile woman, who paradoxically gains a firebrand reputation and finds her true calling addressing huge crowds. Mayawati's story is of a woman with a troubled relationship with her father, Prabhu Das, who preferred to concentrate on his six sons instead. Bose says, "She was the best student, but she did not get any private tuition. Instead, the sons sis. It was much later - when she became so important and people started coming to her father to approach her to help them - that he came to Mayawati for help and that is when she told him, 'why don't you ask your sons, you thought they would do better’. “Even at that early age, her relationship with her father deteriorated sharply when Kanshi Ram came into her life. She defied her father and walked out of her home," Bose adds. Here comes your chance to know her up and close, and RightBooks.in makes you cash on that. Check www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780143066323&Behenji A Political Biography of Mayawati for further details.

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