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Kerry Cohen has the answer what it takes to turn a “Loose Girl”

In "Loose Girl", Kerry Cohen has written a memoir of startling clarity and unblinking honesty. So often, memoir has proven to be a vehicle for proselytization or even vindication, but Cohen resists the temptation to assign blame or explain away the personal impulses that drove her to reckless behaviors and a pattern of promiscuity and heartbreak. Instead she is straightforward and clear, exploring her own weaknesses and her dysfunctional quest for love and intimacy through unrewarding physical relationships. A quick and good read as biographies go. Not much in way of wit or prose, it's a rather raw and straightforward telling of how and why the author came to make the decisions she did regarding sex and relationships. Yes, there are parental issues and what no mentioned but most of it is about her need to feel loved. That’s the point that this book will appeal to you, and you can completely relate to the feelings she describes. The desire to feel wanted, to feel chosen and special. The desperation to be liked and feel cared about. Loneliness and the empty feeling it can cause inside. The willingness to do something, even if it's only temporary, to relieve that emptiness and agony, even if it's hurtful to yourself or someone you care about. The anger and self-loathing at not being stronger, not being able to resist or overcome that hollowness and the longing. Not always saying what you really think or want because it may alienate you more than you already feel. Everyone has a story to tell: about their shitty childhood, failed marriage, battle with cancer, a parent with Alzheimer's, but quite honestly, not everyone should share their story with the world. Yet people do, and the result is piles and piles of simply awful memoirs, that would be better served as pages in a private diary. “Loose Girl” is not one of these memoirs. Kerry Cohen is a talented, bona fide writer, who masterfully connects her story to the human condition, without the added benefit of drivel, tear jerking, or cheesiness. As a teen and young woman, Kerry finds flashes of self-worth in sex with boys. However, the moment is always fleeting, and as with any addiction, the emptiness becomes larger, and more impossible to fill. A great book worth of your consideration, and RightBooks.in is again your happy hunting ground to get that. Visit www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780091922719&Loose%20Girl now to get it now.

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