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Let Cosmo’s Official Cocktail Book make your party on a roll

The recipes in Cosmo’s book, not surprisingly, lean toward the sweet side, but they do add some fun ingredient twists and they’re actually not half bad cocktails. In addition, throughout the book you get little quizzes, tips, facts, etc. On top of all that there are a pair of features that I really like. First, the recipes are all fairly simple with easily accessible ingredients. And, on that note, if there is an ingredient you’re not familiar with you can look it up in the back of the book to get an idea of the flavor, etc. Second, there is a “Cocktail Crash Course” section at the end of the book that introduces the tools, spirits and some pointers from a bartender. These features make the book accessible to cocktail mixers of all skill levels, which I think is exactly how books like this should be. I do have one complaint, which was pointed out by my loyal test subject; the cocktail pictures don’t always show the true look and color of the cocktails. While this is likely not a problem for a guy, it was pointed out that some ladies out there might pick cocktails to match a color palate. So, knowing that, make sure you mix up a sample cocktail to see if the colors work and, bonus, you get to drink the sample. Because nothing's hotter than a girl who can whip up a killer drink, here's a bar-full of cocktail recipes served up Cosmo style: colorful, sexy, and luscious. This tasty collection features dozens of the magazine's most delicious and easy-to-make drinks, organized by mood or occasion. Plus, there's a special Cosmo touch that makes this book stand out from any other: enticing "Conversation Starters"-like "Guess why this one's called a Naughty Schoolgirl?"-As well as Cool Facts and Bonus Tips that will turn the reader into an irresistible, seductive mixologist. Raise your hand if you can't wait to go out this weekend. And raise your other hand if you're kind of sick of ordering vodka-tonics. If you have both hands up right now, you're in luck because we just released Cosmo's Official Cocktail Book. And it's packed with delicious ideas for sips to order at the bar or whip up at home. A roller coaster way to rock up your party, in the form of the perfect mix-up of cocktails, and after providing you the winning literature, this time RightBooks.in has decided to shoulder the responsibility of rocking the party. Be here at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9781588168870&Cosmo s Official Cocktail Book for more details.

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