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Tom Ang teaches you grassroots of “Digital Photography Step by Step”

Step by step, picture by picture, with Tom Ang's Digital Photography app to hand, you'll soon be taking pictures you can be proud of, wherever you are, whatever your situation. Based on Tom Ang's hugely popular book, How to Photograph Absolutely Everything, this is the app that shows you how to photograph any subject or situation you could hope to encounter, with 85 fantastic guides, all in a simple step-by-step format. A number of reasons are there that will make you falling in love with this book. Tom Ang’s approach to photography as opposed to the higher-end books you may read, especially if you’re already an established photographer, is that he focuses far more on the creative side of photography. He broaches technical issues, but always makes it clear that the technical side of photography is an important step to achieving an end goal – i.e. the perfect image. Many photographic books that I read as I’ve grown in experience are so involved with the way you approach technique and the, quite frankly, boring arguments about the best way to achieve the same effect, that they just become stifling and uninspiring. Going back-to-basics is a great way to remind yourself that your interest all began in the hope that you could take some fantastic images. With three ways to search the app for the right content, and clear instructions within each guide you find, this app is perfect for both the amateur and advanced photographer. No matter how good your camera (or your "eye" for a shot), DK Tom Ang's Digital Photography will step things up a level. The low-down: “Digital Photography Step by Step” is the latest in the evolving series of handsome how-to books by British photographer Tom Ang, published by Penguin in Australia. His book covers everything from describing camera types, through to choosing a camera, some advanced Photoshop techniques, printing and publishing on the Internet. Ang uses his own photos to illustrate the steps in every process he describes, which makes his instructions easy to follow. While the first chapter on camera types will go out of date quickly, the subsequent chapters deal with timeless concepts and processes. In keeping with the latest still-camera developments, the latest edition has a chapter on video shooting and editing. . Just a click onto www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9781405348195&Digital Photography Step by Step turns you into someone who can create magic through the lens act, and you have RightBooks.in to check to get this amazing guide book on digital photography.

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