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The success of T-20 gave a big threat but the success of World Cup 2011 was a big boost for the One Day Cricket as ESPN Cricinfo tabulates in “Sealed with a Six; The story of how the World Cup save the One Day”

Undoubtedly, you must agree that the biggest market for international cricket are in India. Unofficially, at least popularity wise, cricket is the national sport in India, and cricket must reply on Indian markets for its own survival. Especially after the T-20 cricket, (read the glamour of IPL), this was even more obvious, and even the limited over format were looked as boring. The instant excitement that the T-20 provides are missing in the longer formats, and the classical battle between bat and ball started loosing its ground. Some sorts of boosting were much needed, and the World cup 2011 provided that. India dominated the home conditions, eventually were the champions, and the world champion status brought the spectators back to the grounds to watch the flamboyant, young guns firing. The winning hit from MSD was not just the assurance that India reached home after the Sri Lankans imposed a challenging total. It was the insurance that the enthusiasm for the one-day cricket is back in business. Success in the longer formats needs the application of the top-most skill over longer duration, and India just maintained that. “Sealed with a Six; The story of how the World Cup save the One Day”, an ESPN Cricinfo presentation just narrates that. This book differs from the other cricket books in terms of the contents. This book covers the inside story of the game, which, even the strongest cameras even can’t cover to bring it live before you. It had close, engaging matches, a reasonable balance between bat and ball (and this in a World Cup that was written off as a series of run-fests in the offing before it began), and kept a subcontinent in thrall for most of its duration. The favorites weren’t overwhelmingly favored, unlike in previous years, and though India did make it to the title, they didn’t coast to it. The tournament also provided the cherry on the career cake of possibly the best-loved cricketer of all time. This book attempts to recapture the magic of the tenth edition of cricket’s premier event through the eyes of ESPN Cricinfo global pool of writers and columnists. Just be there at the link www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9789350093504&Sealed%20With%20A%20Six%20The%20Story%20Of%20How%20The%20World%20Cup%20Saved%20One%20Day%20Cricket that RightBooks.in has in place, to get this collection worthy stuff.

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