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Aditya Nigam introduces a new type of “Desire Named Development”

It’s the developmental scale that decides the position of the country, and the hunger to grow more and faster has changed the concept of development, as Aditya Nigam feels for. “Desire Named Development”, the research works from him that RightBooks.in hosts, brings it right before you. Author has tried to bring attention to the fact that the private corporations are exploiting the natural resources with the help of the administration in such a way that it only benefits them and the small land owners who are exploited get nothing out of it. I also liked his example of how one automobile takes the space of 5-6 dwellings spaces of the poor families. Unfortunately the giver is always the poor of the society and receiver the rich adding to the economic divide. An interesting observation is that government wants to divest its loss making units as they are inefficient and not so productive and the assumption is that the private players can run them better. But when it comes to actual divestment, it is the highly productive companies that are divested, as private players are hardly interested in the loss making units. He has also looked at the conundrums like Tata Nano, which is supposed to provide four wheels to families that do not have them, but at what cost? He questions our calling the European experience of industrialization as the standard experience and shows how there is no such thing as each country there had its own journey and in its own way. The recent tragic stories played out in Kalinganagar, Singur and Nandigram show how many farmers suddenly find themselves up against the might of the state. The ‘theft’ of agricultural land from poor farmers in the name of progress has become routine. Meanwhile, private corporations continue to ravage the country’s natural resources without any protest from the administration. In “Desire Named Development”, Aditya Nigam makes the case for dismantling some cherished beliefs and for restructuring the economy and our cities in particular ways. Visit there at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780143067139&Desire Named Development to find the details.

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