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Amrita Diya Daityari lets you perceive the true “Sourav Ganguly: The Fire Within”

It wasn’t the best time that a captain would love to take charge of his team. Early 2000, that was the period you could easily define as the darkest phase of Indian cricket. Big names, or the so-described iconic players were getting exposed once the match fixing investigation took off, and even the bigger name, often described as the face of cricket found the situation too hot to handle. It was the phase where every failure, even sloppy misfielding or a drop catch were considered as a part of match fixing propaganda, and cricket lovers had their tough most time to see the respect and charm of their most loved game getting humiliated. Taking charge of the Indian cricket team at that time, which was a morally and mentally devastated one, was the last thing offered to a captain, but champions like Sourav Ganguly always thinks different. It was a stand and deliver type condition for him to uplift the spirit, and he led the battle from the front. Ganguly always let his willow to do the talk about his performance, and this time the need was even more urgent. He applied the same exactly what he believes in, and that is the competency. Before him, the unofficial yet the most powerful system for getting into the team was the regional quota system, and player from particular regions were considered to playing. Ganguly just wiped out the system, and during his captaincy, the Indian cricket saw the players barging in from the second tier smaller cities and towns. Cricket is obviously a game that demands six hours of rigorous skill expression in the field, but before that, it’s the mental toughness that a player must show in the field. The belief to do the unthinkable results wonders at the game, and a fresh, pool of young blood can upset the world champions even on their own soil, and that’s what Ganguly’s team India kept delivering. The team is above any personal achievement, and each member of the team should play for each other, that’s the motto of teamwork, and Ganguly infused just that in his team. Amrita Diya Daityari has done something more than wonderful in bringing the warrior “Prince of Calcutta” to you, up and close. He is he rare combination of batting excellence with the true leadership quality, but before that, he is the man with such a mental toughness that you normally don’t see among the Indians. Something extraordinary that you could find while describing his mental toughness, else he couldn’t have made that great comeback to his own team during the South Africa tour in 2006-07. A born fighter who never keeps his arms down until the battle is fully won, and more importantly, he structured the road-map for the Indian team, still followed by MSD. “Sourav Ganguly: The Fire Within” is more than a mere biography on Ganguly, it’s something that has the ability to motivate any profession. Be here at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=8129101432&SOURAV GANGULY THE FIRE WITHIN to get this RightBooks.in presentation now.

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Congratulations to Sourav Ganguly, Laxmi Ratan Shukla and entire West Bengal Cricket Team for winning Vijay Hazare Trophy.....

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