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Christopher Paolini comes up with the “Inheritance” series for your kid

Almost 10 years after Paolini self-published Eragon in 2002, he concludes the epic saga of the Inheritance Cycle with this thick fourth volume, the longest yet in the series. With Eragon, his dragon Saphira, and their many allies poised to do final battle against the evil emperor Galbatorix, there is still plenty of unfinished business to wrap up. Cities need to be liberated, enemy leaders (including Eragon's half-brother Murtagh) must be dealt with, prophecies await fulfillment, and a few game-changing secrets will be revealed. In full Tolkienesque style, Paolini luxuriates in excess details, side quests, and a lengthy denouement in which every last thread is wrapped up. The solidly entertaining plot is fleshed out with defining moments for every major character and a sense of completion (temporary or permanent) for all involved. While this final chapter is bogged down by an almost obsessive complexity with regard to the world-building, Paolini leaves readers with the satisfaction of a journey's end, along with the promise of new beginnings. It's a can't-miss for fans and completionists, and a worthy end to the story. This book is mainly about the final push of the Varden against the mighty empire and the long awaited confrontation between Eragon and Galbatorix and his great dragon! It is an extremely compelling and well written book, set in the magical land of Alagaesia, and is one of the best fantasy books I have read. Christopher Paolini is a great author who has been able to conjure up a fantastical yet believable world. This is just as brilliant as all the other books in the series and ends spectacularly, but not in the way you expected. Ultimately, perhaps part of the Inheritance series’ success is the simple enduring nature of coming-of-age novels. As with Oliver, Holden Caufield, Scout and Jem, Frodo, Harry Potter, and so many other characters, Eragon and Saphira have to face their world, and they grow up while doing so. And Paolini doesn’t make the growing up process cliche or easy. Eragon, for example, becomes more like the elves, physically and emotionally, but also eventually becomes hardened to killing, which is unlike the elves. Truly, this is the book member that makes it into the children book series that kids of any age would just love to add into the collections, and RightBooks.in widens the way for having it. Be there at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780385616508&Inheritance for more.

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