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“A Cupboard full of Coats” from Yvvette Edwards describes the story of domestic violence, the trans generational fall out of cross-culture and a lot of promise in her very first novel

There is one fact that you will find immediately after you go through Yvvette Edwards’s debut novel venture called “A Cupboard full of Coats”. In any novel, you will find one or two characters play the pivotal role, and the entire story plotting revolves around the character(s). However, in this case, you will spot a difference, for, the story itself is the central role player here. This is a story about domestic violence and the long, inter-generational shadow it casts. Some of the plot elements left me feeling a bit uncomfortable; I daresay that is not necessarily a bad thing. The elements of the plot that worked best for me were the more symbolic elements. Like a number of recent novels it seems to me, the consumption of food, features here, and it is done very well. Food, from the characters' Caribbean roots, is used as a comforting link to the past and a way of showing love. Clothing on the other hand, in particular, the cupboard full of coats of the title, represents for Jinx, the most tragic aspects of her mother's life. Edwards's prose shimmers with life; it is economical yet filled with warmth, which is no small feat given the subject matter of the novel. Fourteen years ago Jinx witnesses the horrific murder of her mother in their flat in the Pemsbury Estate in Hackney, London. It's an event that will blight her future relationship with her future husband and child and force her into semi-obscurity, feeling most comfortable with the cadavers she tends at the mausoleum where she works. After her mother’s violent murder, Jinx’s prolonged struggle beneath the weight of the blame puts her in danger of driving away the little family she has left. She seems incapable of breaking the chain of hurt that was forged many years before and risks shackling her infant son within the same painful confines, which she inhabits. Sharp nuances of human nature and idiosyncrasies of intimate relationships that will resonate with every reader. She has created complete, compelling characters and a narrative that grows ever more absorbing as it unfolds. A class described with the RightBooks.in service again, and www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9781851687978&A Cupboard Full Of Coats is the link for you.

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