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Danielle Steel shows a more powerful writing ability in “Southern Lights”

Southern Lights will give you the feel like coming back to home. The story of mother Alexa’s story will definitely touch you, and so will her daughter Savannah. Watching them both grow, change and overcome adversity when they needed to was very enjoyable. The secondary characters were also varied and really added to the story. There is every possibility that you’ll love to read of Savannah's time in Charleston and also the good mother-daughter relationship that Alexa and Savannah share (and also Alexa and her mother Muriel). It's nice to see that for a change in books. It's not deep reading, but it's entertaining. It could be repetitious at time, but the wonderful characters outweighed the repetition and the book was thoroughly enjoyed. True, the tide is changing in Danielle Steel’s writing. It's becoming more complex and fulfilling. As with any novel of a specific genre, readers need to make sure they are up for what the author is portraying. You could expect heartfelt storylines that deal with the human spirit of pain and healing as well as heartbreak and love, and never gets tiered of delivering that. Danielle Steel does an excellent job in this novel to bring all of these human emotions to us through her characters’ perspectives and actions. After 8 years of marriage, Alexa divorces her rich southern husband who goes on to remarry his ex-wife. Alexa hurt and destroyed moves to NY with her 8 year old daughter, where she makes it as a prominent lawyer and is now the DA assigned to a dangerous new case. Alexa must make the difficult decision to send her now 17 year old daughter, Savannah, back to her father and his family for her protection until Alexa is finished with her newly assigned case. What makes this novel a true accomplishment is the duality of the trial along with the reconnections with Alexa and Savannah’s pasts. Two storylines occurring at the same time help keep the readers’ engrossed in the shades of change that occur in each characters life from the beginning to the end of the very last page. Definitely you’ll be looking forward to the follow up novels and characters that Danielle Steel will bring to life. The suspense and trial were well weaved in as are the secondary characters to the inner turbulence that each character endures. In the end they each have trials to overcome and Danielle does it all with style and grace. Just a stroke onto www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780552160254&Southern Light and you are set for getting the quality gift that RightBooks.in has in place for your reading habit.

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