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K. Bhushan and G. Katyal illustrate about “Manmohan Singh : Visionary to Certainty”

Dr. Manmohan Singh is a true visionary. He knew that risk taking was part of his profile and he was ready to take it. In an interview given to PBS almost a decade ago, he recalled what he told the Prime Minister then,” It is possible that we will still collapse, but there is a chance that if we take bold measures we may turn around, and that, I said, is an opportunity. We must convert this crisis into an opportunity to build a new India, to do things which many people before us have thought and said should be done, but somehow were never done. It is this risk taking spirit in him that brought India to where it is today: a growing economic superpower. In fact, India is expected to replace Japan as the third largest economy by 2012. He is the father of India’s economic reforms the man who laid the foundation for India Shining. Today he is the Prime Minister of India. The low-profile academician-bureaucrat-technocrat who served as Union Finance Minister between 1991 and 1996 is also the best qualified Indian to serve as the country's Prime Minister since Independence. This book is attribute to Dr. Manmohan Singh the man who beat all odds and proved that nice guys don’t always finish last. When India entered the 90s of the preceding century, its economy was one big disaster. Unpaid balance, untenable fiscal deficit, no foreign investors, and not enough foreign exchange reserves: in short India was on the brink of bankruptcy. The country needed someone to turn the economy upside down, to take some drastic steps, and dare to take risks. Enter Dr. Manmohan Singh. When the then Prime Minister Narasimha Rao appointed Dr. Manmohan Singh as the finance minister in his government, the onus fell on him to turn the tide around. It was under his constant watch that the RBI was forced to control the urge to draw from itself to fund any internal deficit. For so long, RBI was the backup fund for any internal deficit, which in turn slowed the economic progress. He gave free reigns to private business entrepreneurs and many regulations and laws on them were lifted. Thanks to him many public sector companies were privatized. Thus was born the liberalization of the Indian economy and India turned into a capitalist economy from a socialist economy. He is rightly called as the Father of Indian reforms. It’s your turn to know his vision, and K. Bhushan and G. Katyal join RightBooks.in to bring that on. It’s the link at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=8176486949&Manmohan Singh Visionary to Certainty 2004. pp.175 that shows it all.

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