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Rujuta Divekar suggests that “Don’t Lose your mind: Lose your weight”

Getting into the sensuous shape of Kareena Kapoor or the hunk physique of Hrithik Roshan, have always been your obsession, and now that wait to get into the same is finally here. After serving you the purpose of quality literatures and concurrent time centric write stuffs, now the service from RightBooks.in has concentrated on your body shape. Rujuta Divekar, the dietician for the celebrities opens the secret, and her penned act called “Don’t Lose your mind: Lose your weight” is here to come great for you. The link at www.rightbooks.in is actually your door to the dream body shape, and Divekar suggests to follow you a balanced diet, prescribed by the professional dietician and nutritionists rather than trying anything on your own. The book provides basic nutritional information regarding foods and the Glycemic index. The book was written from an Indian perspective and highlights the importance of eating foods generic to the region from where you belong but in reasonable amounts. The author also specifies what foods are best at what times especially before and after a workout and in which order they must be eaten. he words that most of the dieters use without really understanding them have been explained by Rujuta with the proficiency of an expert. So when she talks about crabs, proteins, fats, supplements, minerals and vitamins one is amazed by her understanding and grip on the subject. That the writer knows her business and is an expert at it can be discerned by going through just a few pages of the book. The language is literary and the style is conversational. With occasional insights into her own life and the goings in the world around, Divekar will surely keep you hooked with the book. The diet she has recommended for various types of people is very helpful. It covers people in different age groups, professions hence activity levels, life-stages and so on. Something that will come real helpful, and www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9788184001051&DontLose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight fetches you that.

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