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A troubled childhood that Casper Walsh underwent almost made him a “Criminal”

The first impression that you will be drawing about this Casper Walsh autobiography work is the honesty that the subject line deals with. This is an honest insight into the authors life that RightBooks.in has brought to you. It is an inspiring, challenging and gripping read. Written in a superb manner which holds your attention right down to the last word. Casper, without frills, writes about his life journey that includes drugs and incarceration. Having a father whom he loves deeply, despite leading Casper astray at such an early age. It is an insightful, painful at times, but also uplifting piece of work, written without being sentimental, having self pity or excuses for his life to date. The book shows that despite having such a 'loving' father, a son can find a way through the morals to find an acceptable self. Raised into a life of crime and drug addiction by his charismatic father, Caspar looked destined to follow him to jail. Using sparse, compelling language he lays out his gradual descent into depression and addictive behaviour, all of it on some level fuelled by the search for love and approval by the man who should have been shielding him from danger rather than exposing him to it. It's searingly honest stuff, addictively readable without ever wallowing in the wrongs that have been done to him. Indeed, as the book goes on you’ll find a deep respect for a man who has evidently learned to take responsibility - and turn a very rough start into a life-changing mission to other young offenders. A heart breakingly moving, traumatic and inspiring story illustrating how the strength and determination an individual can help them change their life and achieve their full potential. It is indeed about a childhood that many kids growing up in the late sixties and early seventies will be relate to; mum and dad getting stoned and/or drunk, loose morals and no structure. However Caspar’s parents did it in style; they split up and he spends half his time with each of them. However, mum’s new boyfriend doesn’t want Caspar and mum is asked to choose; Caspar lost. He starts a wonderfully bohemian lifestyle with dad in a caravan on Wimbledon Common in London, living on the proceeds of dad’s criminal shenanigans. You will note throughout this book the awful mention of social services is conspicuous by its absence. Dad meets the glamorous Sam and they settle down - sort of - to a lifestyle still supported by dad’s ability to rob, burgle and con, often with the help of a young Caspar. Needless to say, eventually dad gets caught bang to rights. This devastates the young Caspar and although realising that what his father is doing is wrong, the hero worship positively beams from this book. Check www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780755317493&Criminal (Paperback) to get your copy.

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