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Andre Agassi is as flambyount when asked to “Open An Autobiography” as he was during his Tennis days

Sports autobiographies tend to follow a set pattern. The author rehashes the highlights of their career, maybe talks briefly about a crisis of confidence or a clash with the coach, gets a few teammates to chip in and reassure us that the writer was a terrific person. Open is completely different. It's a superb autobiography in its own right, let alone within the sports genre. Andre Agassi exposes himself with raw candour and doesn't always come across well. He is frank about his flaws, his tantrums and his inner demons. However he is also immensely loyal to his friends and inspires tremendous loyalty in return. He is courageous, generous, honest and a hopeless romantic. Agassi writes of his love-hate relationship with tennis, starting with his high pressured childhood with his father pushing him towards tennis success, through his rebellious life on the tennis tour, and ultimately emotional maturity. The book is featured at RightBooks.in is filled with rich characters, such as Gil, Agassi's physical trainer, closest friend, and surrogate father, and Brad Gilbert, Agassi's no-nonsense coach. Agassi does seem to be very emotionally open and shares his vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and triumphs. He also shares his judgments of others generously. Agassi is clearly a judgmental individual by nature, as his account of past games and interactions is constantly peppered with often petty pot shots, such as calling out Pete Sampras for being a cheap tipper, and pinning the blame for his failed marriage with Brooke Shields on Shields' emotional distance. It also seems like Agassi is always trying to justify his actions and validate his behavior. Although it seems clear that he was a punk with his rebellious behavior in his youth, he insists that this was caused by a "lack of identity" and an effort to avoid attention. This book, although a great read, is ultimately flawed because of Agassi's unwilling to admit authentic character flaws. Andre Agassi talks about his rivals, the ones who were boring, the ones who kept it all together and the the real players; Pete Sampras, Boris Becker and Jimmy Connors The tennis autobiography at www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9780007416790&Open An Autobiography is at its best when the game of tennis is being discussed. Each play during the tournaments and how he figured out how to win. He talks of his marriage to Brooke Shields, he never really wanted to be married, just like he never really liked to play tennis. His crystal myth years, the spiel he gave the Tennis Association when he tested positive for drugs. He finally met and married Steffi Graf and found the happiness that had so long eluded him. No matter you loved his play or not, this autobiography will make you love him for sure.

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