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Chetan Bhagat has skillfully sketched the intermingled picture of the modern society and relationships in his latest venture “Revolution 2020”

Chetan Bhagat, the national youth heartthrob has gifted his readers with yet another blockbuster named “Revolution 2020”. This ex-IITian and IIM passout has already four blockbuster novels under his cap. His latest release deals with relationship complications in the backdrop of the present corrupted society scenario. It portrays how corruption infiltrates into personal affairs increasing the adversaries of the critical situations and is all about the complete transformation and rejuvenation of thoughts of a person amidst all these turmoils and hazards. Gopal,Raghav and Aarti are the three lead protagonists of this story. Revolution 2020 is based on the white and gray shades of the characters and the ups and downs of their lives. In the background of the holy city of Varanasi these three childhood buddies were nurturing their future dreams and ambitions. Gopal comes from a poor family with the aim of being a wealthy person while Aarti essays the role of his love interest belonging to a political family. Raghav dreams of a corruption free world. Gopal’s dreams clashed with a huge bang when he fails to qualify engineering entrance exams. On the contrary Raghav takes his first step to become a journalist to revolutionise India. Gopal’s second attempt to crack the entrance exams too fails measurably as he becomes aware of the tragic news that Aarti has now turned into Raghav’s love interest. Gopal’s father being unable to bear the shock of Gopal’s failure passes away. Gopal to meet his huge amount of debt comes to an agreement with the corrupted MLA Shukla and becomes the principal of an engineering college in his disputed land. Raghav after passing out has joined a reputed newspaper and makes his foray as a journalist. He starts publishing all the illegal actions of the MLA that badly affects the reputation of Gopal’s college. As the consequences follow Shukla is forced to resign and in turn sacks Raghav. Raghav starts his own newspaper named “Revolution 2020” and becomes a very busy man without any time for his love. In the mean time Gopal starts spending more times with Aarti and ultimately succeeds in winning her heart. To celebrate the triumph of his love victory he decides to meet Raghav. But before that he comes across a boy named Keshav and this meeting completely transforms the thoughts of Gopal. The completely transformed Gopal decides to shun the path of corruption and join Raghav and to help him to achieve his dreams. Last part of the story deals with the sacrifice of Gopal for betterment of the corrupted scenario and his resurrection as a successful human being. RightBooks.in gives you an opportunity to grab the copy of this recent blockbuster. Chetan Bhagat has shown great skills in building up such a plot that is so appropriate in the present society status. The author deserves hearty congratulations for presenting us with yet another heart touching story. Click on this link www.rightbooks.in/product_details.asp?pid=9788129118806&Revolution 2020 to catch a quick glimpse of the further required details about this book.

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